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Are you addicted?

Are you an addict? I'm talking about exercise addiction. Many people will laugh at the idea. Exercise addiction is, however, real and millions of people have become addicted to exercise to the point where it controls their lives and impairs their ability to function. What are the signs? Seven Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction 1.Always working out alone, isolated from others. 2.Always following the same rigid exercise pattern. 3.Exercising for more than two hours daily, repeatedly. 4.Fixation on weight loss or calories burned. 5.Exercising when sick or injured. 6. Exercising to the point of pain and beyond. 7.Skipping work, class, or social plans for workouts. If exercise has become an obsessive compulsion that you cannot control you may have crossed the line into addiction. Get help if you feel you need help, but continue to exercise at all costs. Exercise is the solution to all of life's problems. No, wait. Scratch that. Exercise is not the solution to all of life's problems. But if you turn to exercise if you feel stressed, bored, happy, sad, worried or for no reason at all, then you may have become addicted. Stay active and stay fit. Happy trails.

South Shore Half-Marathon April 7th

The Badgerland Striders will be hosting its annual South Shore Half-Marathon on Sunday, April 7, 2013. This year the race is on Sunday instead of Saturday. The 13.1-mile course starts at the South Shore Pavilion in South Shore Park at 2900 S. Shore Dr in Bay View. The course winds through Bay View Park, Sheridan Park, Warnimont Park, turns around in Grant Park and then returns along the same course to its starting point in South Shore Park. Start time is 8:30 am.

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April 7th Half-marathon in Local County Parks

The Badgerland Striders Running Club will once again be hosting its annual South Shore Half-marathon on Saturday, April 7th. The race starts at 8:30 am with registration starting at 7 am. As always, the race starts at the South Shore Pavilion at 2900 S. Shore Drive ( South Shore Park in Bay View). Pre-registration is $10 for Striders members or $12 for non-members. Race-day registration is $20 for both members and non-membrs. In this race you get a pair of gloves instead of a t-shirt.

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Blogger to drink Pint of Guiness on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! Although I am not Irish I always make it a tradition to drink a pint of Guiness on St. Patrick's Day. Guiness is my favorite beer and I love the festive traditions associated with St. Patrick's Day.

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J/S Article Promotes Drug Abuse to Relieve Anxiety, Discomfort

According to an article in the Dec. 13 Journal Sentinel cue section it is ok to start taking mind-altering drugs again. ( "Turn On, Tune In and Get Better?", by Melissa Healy of the Los Angeles Times.) I have never used these drugs (and never will) but I felt compelled to set the record straight. These drugs are extremely dangerous and have no medical value. Rather than offering legitimacy to their use, the Journal Sentinel should be warning the public about how dangerous these drugs are.

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