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New Kid's View

Family lured Jerrianne and her husband to South Milwaukee in 2002 from Southern California where she worked as, first, a journalist, then, as a court information officer. She now stays busy with media-relations consulting, playing with her three grandchildren (part of the lure), writing, discovering her new environs, and hoping her garden will produce before the first fall frost.

Garlic Mustard Pickers Halloween Gigs

 Here's news from our Celtic musician friends and neighbors:

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Cautionary Tale 1 -- Hornets

Hornet nest

 This is the hornet nest in a low limb (low enough for me at 5'4" to reach) of a mock crab apple tree in our front yard. Given its size, it had to have been there a while, but didn't discover it until Monday -- despite mowing underneath that limb at least weekly and sitting on a nearby bench for at least half an hour this past Saturday. 

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Cardinals Are The Champions!

Kevin Januchowski, Cardinals, softball

Coach Kevin Januchowski, in red jacket, with his South Milwaukee Cardinals softball team, which clenched the league championship last night.

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Blast! of Our Past

Blast! Fitness, Ballys Fitness, YMCA

We sure gave it a go, but as Blast! Fitness cut or started charging extra for certain service, we finally gave up and Blast! is now in our past.

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Unexpected, But Much Appreciated

Mike Szymanski, Facebook, O.J. Simpson, Jerrianne Hayslett, Anatomy of a Trial

 My good friend Michael Szymanski posted this on Facebook today:

Today is the day of the 20th anniversary of the murders committed by OJ of the best books about the trial coverage and media mess is by my longtime friend and journalist, Jerrianne Hayslett, so if you haven't read it, please consider it, it's fascinating for all the right reasons!

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