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Sign this Petition! Tell Brixmor to Restore Packard Plaza.

The petition below is for anyone who has ever driven by Packard Plaza in Cudahy and felt some level of surprise (or disgust) by the lack of business and the quality of the buildings.  

Hopefully we get a lot of people to sign this. 
For me, this petition basically says that we are opposed to having a coorporate neighbor, Brixmor, Corp., ignoring the upkeep of their property and ignoring the concerns of good tenants, causing many of them to leave.  For our city (and the surrounding cities), Packard Plaza is a lot more than a tax write-off than can be dismissed and ignored.
This petition was started by a member of the Cudahy Town Hall Facebook group.  Thank you Luanne Peterson for starting this! 

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Cudahy School Board Forum Video Recording

 Here is a video of the Cudahy School Board Forum that was held on 2/11/14.

Before you watch the videos below, keep the following things in mind:
  • The person videotaping the event is an amateur (ME). 
  • The video was recorded by my new very cool camera, which specializes in taking pictures not recording videos. 
  • The video recording feature of my camera turns off every 16 minutes! This is why there are six parts.
  • If you listen closely, you will hear me whisper and mumble.
  • Most important, the content of the recordings are very informative.  Even if you choose not to watch all six parts of the video (about 90 minutes), it is still very informative.
As I've said in previous blog posts, it is all too easy to either not vote (especially in primary elections) or to vote based off of a neighbor's suggestion, a sign we see on a street corner, or on a familiar sounding name. 
If we want our city to keep moving forward, it is essential that our community makes an informed vote.  Our primary election for school board is on Tuesday, February 18.  

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Cudahy Facebook Pages and Groups

If you use Facebook, a great way to keep up with current news in Cudahy is to "Like" Facebook pages and to join Facebook groups.  This is also a great way to support local businesses and community organizations.  

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2014 School Board Candidates

Here is the list of people running for school board in Cudahy.  Five people running!

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TIPRINT - Another Reason To Shop Local


Here is another reason to shop local. 

Before the end of the school year (around the end of May), I was part of a planning committee for an event at my kids' school.  We needed to make color program flyers quickly.  This was for an event with a large number of people and I offered to create the flyers and get them printed.  
At the time, I didn't know too many printing places, but I needed them done very quickly at the best price. 
We had two days to print them and have them ready for our Friday evening event.  Our whole committee was running around frantic.
We had price bids for two places (we did not have time for more).  Here were the quotes for the same quantity of color flyers:
FEDEX/Kinkos on 76th Street:  $124.00 on normal white paper
TIPRINT on Packard Ave in Cudahy: $60.00 on thicker, shiny paper. 
The same request, but FEDEX/Kinkos charged more than double the price!   Of course, I chose TIPRINT. TIPRINT not only gave the way better bid (on better quality paper), the man who worked with me succeeded in: 
  • getting the print job done in just over an hour.
  • making me smile by talking about my kids' school, the banquet we were planning, and some of the teachers we mutually knew.
  • Convincing me that some gems are right in front of our face!  (Or more specific, right on Packard Ave.)
Honestly, I  didn't want to let time pass too long without acknowledging this great business in our city.  I will never, ever go to FEDEX/Kinkos again.

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