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Green Thumb

Gardening has been a lifelong passion for Wende and she’d like to share her passion with her readers. Follow her as she writes about her gardening adventures, lists tasks to do depending on the season, and gives easy to understand gardening advice.

July and August Heat

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 Now that the wet spring is over, I'm envisioning a hot and dry summer.  That means your plants will need your help to stay healthy and keep blooming.  Reduce their stress by doing these simple things for the next two months:

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Ideas for Container Gardening

annual, bloom, color, container gardening, design, fertilize, flower, garden, outdoor, perennial, planning, plant, spring, water

Now that Spring is here (almost) I'm sure the gardeners reading this are starting to dream of beautiful flowers blooming in their yards.  It's also the time for gardening catalogs showing up in mailboxes, sales flyers for Steins and coupons from smaller greenhouses.  I always treasure The Gardener's Idea Book from Proven Winners that comes in the mail.  I got on their email list a few years ago and they automatically mail it out. Proven Winners are particularly hardy annuals, perennials and shrubs and are available at several outlets. Their website will search for retailers near you.  If you are a beginning gardener, they have lists of the easiest plants to grow and will make you look like a star if you follow their advice and water and feed your plants correctly.

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Seeds 101

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It's time to start some seeds indoors if you are the type that likes to do this.  It's not for everyone, but if you have the time it can be really rewarding.  I find it really helps pull you out of the winter doldrums most of us gardeners have as it gets us actually "doing" something garden-like instead of just dreaming about it!

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A Little Pruning Can Be Done Now

prune;, winter, bloom, tree, shrub, wisconsin

Now that February is coming to a close, some shrubs and trees can be pruned.  This is an especially good time to do this because the leaves are not in the way and you can see where branches are rubbing on each other and causing weak places where insects and other diseases can get in.  Here's information from the Steins Gardening Calendar:

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What Can a Gardener Do In the Middle of Winter?

indoor, winter, pets

This is from Stein's Gardening Calendar. I plan to try this for my kitty!

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