Sweet and Simple Gift Ideas


Whether you're a starving college student, struggling grad or just wrestling with the economy, this blog should help you find some inexpensive and last minute Christmas gifts for your friends and family.

  • Dry Cookie Ingredients in a Jar
    • Last year, I bought plastic holiday jars and food storage containers at the dollar store and filled them with dry cookie ingredients. I looked up some cookie recipes online, typed them out on Christmas stationary and attached them to the containers. I aso found some quotes and poems online that reminded me of each person and attached those to the containers as well. Finally, I dressed them up with some ribbon and bows.
  • Tie-Up Fleece Blankets
    • Pick up some fleece material at JoAnne Fabrics or another craft and hobby store. You could buy two different patterns, a pattern and a solid or two solids. Cut 3-inch slits  around all four corners of each of the two fabric squares. Tie the slits together and you have a blanket. You can also try it with smaller squares and make it into a pillow case.
  • Quilted Pillow Cases
    • This is the project that I did this year for my family and was a bit more time consuming, but can be done if you only have one or two to make. I bought several coordinating cotton fabric squares from JoAnne Fabrics, two per pillow. I cut some into eight stripes, some into eight triangles and some into eight squares. I sewed four stripes/triangle/squares together and then sewed the remaining four stripes/triangles/squares together. Then I put the two quilted sheets together with their patterns facing eachother and sewed the perimeter, leaving one 5-inch portion open. I pulled the pattern through the whole, reversing it with the pattern side up. I bought some cotton stuffing from JoAnne's and stuffed that 5-inch portion with cotton stuffing, then hand sewed the gap up. (I will not take all the credit for this, because I'm a beginning quilter... my Grandma helped me with the whole process!)
  •   Baking Cookies
    • Bake them their favorite cookies. Buy a decorative plate or container and fill it up. Use the poem and quote idea from the dry cookie ingredients idea above. Wrap them up in plastic wrap if they're on the dish and put a bow on top or ribbon if you're putting them in a container.
  • Coupon Book
    • This one may also be time consuming, but it's so much fun! Think of all the things you would have bought them if you had the money or all the things you would have done for them if you had the time. Type it up on some holiday stationary, cut it into strips, then either stable them together or hole punch them and bind it with ribbon.

These are just five ideas that I could think of for you. I hope they help. If not, here are some links for more inspiration. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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