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WHS Launches iPhone App

Wisconsin Humane Society Launches iPhone Application

Want to “oooh” at a puppy and “aaaah” at a kitten? Get a warm fuzzy after a tough meeting? The Wisconsin Humane Society has an app for that. WHS has launched its very own iPhone App, becoming one of the only animal shelters in the country with its own app. And it’s free.

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Y'all Come!

South Milwaukee Christmas Market, Bucyrus International


This from South Milwaukee City Clerk Jim Shelenske:

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South Milwaukee: Literary Enclave Thanks to Newly Published Author

Bobbie Groth, "Indredible Story of Ephraim Nute", Unitarian, abolition, slavery, Janet Halfmann, Anatomy of a Trial

Hear this:
South Milwaukee author publishes new book!
Bobbie Groth's "The Incredible Story of Ephraim Nute: Scandal, Bloodshed and Unitarianism on the American Frontier" is an account of her ancestor, who was a Unitarian minister and a founder of the University of Kansas during the mid-1850s bloody abolition-versus-slavery era in Kansas.
A description of the book and pre-order information is at the publisher's website:
Bobbie, prolific award-winning children's author Janet Halfmann ( and me makes at least three published authors in South Milwaukee. (My "Anatomy of a Trial" was published by University of Missouri Press a couple of years ago.
Methinks South Milwaukee can add literary mecca to its other claims to fame.
Do we have other South Milwaukee authors? Please let me know so I can include you and your book in a blog post.  
Congratulations, Bobbie, on your fantastic accomplishment!

Economic Development

Cudahy, Economy, Development, Lara Fritts

Congratulations to Mrs. Fritts! 


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Science Sites for Kids

Back awhile ago, I created a list of my favorite science web sites for kids and sent the list to a couple of friends.  My kids come home with plenty of math web sites ( is a definintely a popular one), but not as much sites specifically relating to science.  So I made the following list.

Awesome Science Sites for Kids (and their Parents!)

Mythbusters on YouTube - One of the best shows on TV is also on YouTube!

How Stuff Works on YouTube 

Brain Pop  -  This site has everything!

Zoom Kitchen Chemistry - PBS Kids.  I remember watching this show when I was young.
Zoom Activities

Virtual Knee Surgery  -  This is cool!  (Ouch!)

Steve Spangler Science on YouTube

Discovery Channel - the Human Body - a great visual, interactive site

National Geographic Kids  Beautiful site of videos, games, and activities. Honestly, I like this better than the adult site.

Funology - the Science of Having Fun

Science Monster

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Solve a Mystery

Your Weight in Other Worlds
  - Okay, I don't want to know my weight in my own world. Why would I want to know my weight in other worlds?   My kids think this site is fun though.

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How to Rebloom A Poinsettia

holiday, plants, indoor

We were trying to get our poinsettia from last year to turn red again, but weren't getting any results, so I decided to look it up.  I had heard that you have to put it in total darkness, but I thought it would be all day and all night for a few weeks.  I was wrong! I also found out that you need to take care of it all year long to get these results. I got the instructions below from an article on-line:

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The Christmas Card Conumdrum

christmas cards, political correctness, greek orthodox monastery, monastery kenosha, holiday cards, holiday season, christmas, hannukah, kwanzaa, atheist

Every year, I face the same problem. I go to my local drustore, stand in the greeting card aisle, and stare at the rows of holiday cards. Some are snarky, with images of drunk reindeer dancing with a red-faced Santa. Others are religious, with symbols of Christmas or Hannukah of Kwanzaa. And then others are scrubbed clean of any meaning with blurred stars or landscape scenery. With all of these choices, I always have the same dilemma:

What card can I choose that will least offend people this holiday season?

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South Milwaukee bereks

Madison Avenue Market, berek

Order bereks at Madison Avenue Market.

Watch them being made here:

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More on Marijuana and Schizophrenia

Drugs, Marijuana

Pot smoking can worsen schizophrenia


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Summerfest to Host Half-Marathon,10k / Red Arrow Park

I was excited to learn that Summerfest will be hosting a half-marathon and 10k this summer that will include a trip across the Hoan Bridge.

This race will take place on July 10th and will include a route that travels through Veteran’s Park.  

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WOW - Annapolis Economic Development Video

Development, Lara Fritts

Annapolis Economic Development Corporation Launch
December 07, 2010

The Annapolis Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) held a fundraiser and celebration event at the Loews Annapolis Hotel on Thursday, Dec.2 and introduced the corporation’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, Lara L. Fritts.

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Dreaming of a White Christmas...Until Now

white christmas, wisconsin, minnesota, blizzard, snow, snowstorm, deaths wisconsin snow, highway snow closures, collapse metrodome roof

Last week, I was complaining to a co-worker that I was dreaming a white Christmas this year. I'm really tired of this warm weather, I told her. I could really use a good snowstorm. She shook her finger at me and warned me to be careful what I wish for because sometimes God delivers exactly that. Me? I just laughed.

Fast foward to this weekend. I'm beginning to think she was right. The Midwest was blanketed in several inches of snow on Saturday and Sunday. 150 miles of Interstate 94 was shut down between Tomah, Wisconsin and the Minnestoa border because the Department of Transportation declared it "impassable" with less than a 1/4  mile visbility. The roof of the Minnesota Vikings stadium collapsed under the weight of the snow in dramatic footage captured by FOX News and the game against the Giants was later rescheduled for last night. 16 people died in the blizzard that covered Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ilinois, Indiana, with 5 of those in our state alone:

  • 58-year-old Kenneth Swanson of River Falls when a shed collapsed on him due to the weight of snow on the roof
  • 79-year-old Cliiford Lawson of Woodville when a snowplow struck him as he was snowblowing the end of his driveway
  • 21-year-old Alejandria Abaunza of Chicago when the car she was a passenger in slid off Interstate 39 in southwest Wisconsin and hit trees
  • A 37-year-old man from Marshfield when his car became stranded on a road and he tried to walk home in the cold
  • 19-year-old Shenea Mueller of Eua Claire after two cars crashed on slippery, snow-covered roads in central Wisconsin

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Where Does Cinnamon Come From?

holiday, food, plants

We've been discussing cinnamon lately at our house, probably because we use it more during the holidays. That got me wondering - cinnamon comes from a plant of some kind, but what plant?  I had to find out. 

Cinnamon sticks, also called "quills" are the dried bark of a special genus of evergreen trees.  There are two types of cinnamon, Cassia (Chinese), and Ceylon which is sweeter.  The spice originally came from Ceylon, but currently the largest producer is Sri Lanka.  It was so valued as a spice that in Roman times it was worth up to 15 times the value of silver.  Its source was kept mysterious in the Mediterranean world for centuries by the middlemen who handled the spice trade, to protect their monopoly as suppliers. After the location became known, the battle for control over the Island of Ceylon between the Dutch and the Portuguese resulted in the Dutch gaining control and cultivating the wild trees and regulating the trade.

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holiday; drinking; alcohol; driving; health;

          This time of year, heavy alcohol consumption plays a large role in what many commonly associate with “holiday cheer.”  For others, the holidays represent stress, anxiety, loneliness and despair; and alcohol serves as a crutch.

          The truth is that many people drink beyond what is safe without even realizing it, and fail to make a connection between their risky drinking behaviors and the negative consequences that spill into other aspects of their life.

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Catch the Garlic Mustard Pickers on Dec. 20

Garlic Mustard Pickers, The Fixx

The following is from our friends, the Garlic Mustard Pickers:
On Monday December 20th the Garlic Mustard Pickers is doing a special performance of Renaissance-era music appropriate to the Holiday season.

We'll be at:

Fixx Coffee House
3558 East Sivyer Avenue (that's on Packard Ave half a block north of Howard Ave)
St Francis, WI

The music starts at 7:30 pm.

Fixx has a fine selection of light fare (soups, sandwiches), coffees, wines, and desserts.

Hope to see you there, and we wish you all the best for memorable holidays and a great new year!

As usual, if you've got a friend who would enjoy getting our "gig announcement" e-mails, have them send us  an e-mail.
And, if you no longer wish to receive these announcements, please let us know.

Thanks! - The Garlic Mustard Pickers, Inc.

Garlic Mustard Pickers to Perform Dec. 20th at FIXX

Garlic Mustard Pickers will be performing Monday, Dec. 20th at Fixx Coffee House. In case you haven't been to Fixx it is at 3558 E. Sivyer Ave (on Packard Ave half a block north of Howard Ave). Music starts at 7:30 pm.

Fixx has a fine selection of soups, sandwhiches, coffee, tea, wine and desserts. Come on out, support a local business and experience some top-shelf quality live Celtic music.

The End of Cheap Products?


The era of cheap Chinese goods may be ending


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Best Wishes

Christmas, holidays, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you and warm wishes for the best year ever in 2011.

Jerrianne Hayslett

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to thank everyone and wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe travels!

Unanswered Letter to Cudahy Mayor Day

Cudahy, Development, Lara Fritts, Tony Day


Sent Dec 12th

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