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Science Sites for Kids

Back awhile ago, I created a list of my favorite science web sites for kids and sent the list to a couple of friends.  My kids come home with plenty of math web sites ( is a definintely a popular one), but not as much sites specifically relating to science.  So I made the following list.

Awesome Science Sites for Kids (and their Parents!)

Mythbusters on YouTube - One of the best shows on TV is also on YouTube!

How Stuff Works on YouTube 

Brain Pop  -  This site has everything!

Zoom Kitchen Chemistry - PBS Kids.  I remember watching this show when I was young.
Zoom Activities

Virtual Knee Surgery  -  This is cool!  (Ouch!)

Steve Spangler Science on YouTube

Discovery Channel - the Human Body - a great visual, interactive site

National Geographic Kids  Beautiful site of videos, games, and activities. Honestly, I like this better than the adult site.

Funology - the Science of Having Fun

Science Monster

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Solve a Mystery

Your Weight in Other Worlds
  - Okay, I don't want to know my weight in my own world. Why would I want to know my weight in other worlds?   My kids think this site is fun though.

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